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JEF Socks Branding

Jef Socks are colourful, but stylish socks made for men. They are made by Jef, a 30 year old enterpreneur from Antwerp. Socks have the power to revamp your outfit, yet we only find boring socks in the men section of the store. That is why Jef started this label. Whether you prefer fun socks, business appropriated socks or cosy socks, you will find it at Jef Socks.


They asked for a very obvious, but simple icon. The logo needs to be colourful, flashy and fun, with some pinks. Jef Socks also wanted a pattern, they could use on packaging, bags, and the socks itself.

Brand Board, Logo Variations, Surface Pattern Design, Additional Logo, Sock, Logo Icon, Horizontal Logo
Brand Elements, Pins, Mockups, Bags, Surface Pattern Design, Socks
Mockup, Logo, Socks, Branding, Brand Elements, Pattern, Colours
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