New logo for IntelliProve

Nieuw Logo Intelliprove
App Icoon Met Logo

New logo

IntelliProve contacted me to sit down together as they were looking for a new logo for their company. IntelliProve is a MedTech start-up that develops an innovative platform to measure vital parameters using a smartphone camera focused on a person’s face.

Logo Met Betekenis Erachter

The logo is a combination of a camera, medical services and technology.

The middle circle of the logo symbol is reminiscent of a camera.

The logo contains a medical cross. Medical services are often indicated by a red cross. It is recognisable all over the world.

The cross consists of dots, some of which are connected. The ‘connected dots’ is a well-known symbol for technology. It is also often used in AI.

Een Mockup Met Het Nieuwe Logo Van Intelliprove
Logo Op Map Voor Papieren In Te Steken
Grafisch Vormgever Portfolio
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