Nieuw Logo Stad Gent Duo²

Rebranding project for City Ghent

DUO²-Ghent is the new name for the school CLW Gent. DuO refers to Dual Education (‘Onderwijs’ in Dutch), but also to the dual learning pathway that we offer, namely “dual” and “learning and working”. DuO also stands for our form of education, namely 2 days of learning and 3 days of work. The ² is a reinforcement of “DuO” and also visualizes the baseline “Learning and working squared!”


Hands have always had great symbolic value. They often refer to being active. Just look at the many proverbs and sayings, such as “roll up your sleeves” or “lend a hand”.

The two joined hands don’t just refer to this activity squared; they also have additional meanings: In the first place, think of cooperation: “to join hands”. Two joined hands always have a connecting meaning. Also think of opportunity: “to grab with both hands”. But hands folded in this way also refer to success or wishing someone good luck.

That is what dual learning stands for: actively working towards a future. By the hand of learning and the hand of working; both go well together, are intertwined. It offers many young people an opportunity to make something of their lives. A success story.

Official news article from the City of Ghent about the new logo

Do you have a project in mind? I would love to hear more about it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch! 🙂


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