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WordPress website

WordPress is our go-to platform for building websites. It offers a perfect blend of ease of use and flexibility, allowing us to create websites that are both beautiful and functional. Regardless of whether you are a start-up or already an established business, we will design a website that perfectly matches your brand and target audience.

Why have a WordPress website created?


WordPress is known for its user-friendly administrator interface, making it easy to manage and update content even for non-technical users.


With thousands of themes and plugins, WordPress can be customized for almost any type of website, from simple blogs to complex e-commerce sites.


WordPress offers excellent SEO capabilities, making your website more findable in search engines such as Google.


A WordPress website can grow with your business, from a few pages to hundreds, without affecting performance.

Our approach to WordPress websites

Strategy and Planning

Based on the introductory conversation, we will draw up a strategic plan. We determine the website's structure, key features and how best to design the user experience.


Using Figma, we begin designing the visual aspects of your website. We create wireframes and prototypes to develop a website that perfectly aligns with your brand and target audience.

No visual identity yet? Check out our logo, visual identity and branding packages here.


Once the design is approved, we start the development phase. With Elementor Pro, we build the designed pages within WordPress, ensuring responsiveness and optimization for different devices.

E-commerce Integration

If necessary, we also build webshops. We integrate this with WooCommerce to provide a seamless e-commerce experience so you can effectively sell products or services online.

Review and Feedback

Before the website goes live, you get the opportunity to review the whole site. We take your feedback seriously and make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the website fully meets your expectations.


After final approval, we ensure a smooth launch of your website. We make sure everything is technically sound, so your website performs optimally from day one.


After the launch of your website, we ensure a smooth handover. We provide the necessary guidance to ensure you are comfortable with updating content and making changes to your site on your own.

Maintenance and Support

After the launch, we offer the option for an ongoing maintenance and security package, including regular updates and backups, to keep your website safe and up-to-date.

WordPress vs other CMS platforms

Wordpress of Squarespace als CMS voor je website?

At Nouchka, we offer both WordPress and Squarespace websites. WordPress is our favorite platform to work with since there is so much flexibility. In exceptional cases, we still recommend Squarespace. At the beginning, we look at your preferences and requirements in order to choose the right platform for your brand.

How much does a website in WordPress cost?

The cost of a WordPress website varies from project to project. Feel free to request a free introductory consultation to discuss your requirements and the price. Building a WordPress website starts at €1600 (excluding VAT).

On our web design page you will find more information about what is included and what additional integrations are possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, after the transfer, you can update content and make changes to your website yourself. We provide a comprehensive explanation for you or the colleague(s) who will be responsible for this in the future. In addition, we provide technical support for the first four weeks, with additional help always available.

We are ready to help you with any technical challenges. Just contact us.

Development time depends on the complexity and specific requirements of the website. We discuss this in advance to establish a realistic timeline.

Yes, we optimize your website for search engines, but it may take some time to achieve high rankings. We also advise on further SEO strategies.

Hosting and domain name must always be purchased separately from a hosting company, for which you pay annually. We can advise on purchasing as part of our web design package and help you with this. You can also leave this entirely up to us, so you don’t have to worry about this. In that case, this will be billed on an annual basis.