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E-commerce project for Coeur Tisane: Website & Webshop

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Tisanes (tea)

E-commerce project voor Coeur Tisane: Website en webshop ontwerp

Coeur Tisane is a unique company that makes delicious tisanes for any occasion. The company was founded by Veerle, a passionate herbalist who believes in the power of natural ingredients. At Nouchka, we had the honor of designing a website that is not only functional, but also reflects the warmth and coziness of the brand.

The design process began with a thorough understanding of the Coeur Tisane brand and the products they offer. We wanted to create a website that reflected the unique characteristics of their tisanes while providing a user-friendly shopping experience. Therefore, we chose a clear and uncluttered layout, with easy navigation and an intuitive ordering process.

The web shop is the heart of the website. Here, customers can browse Coeur Tisane’s assortment, learn more about the different tisanes and place their orders. We made sure that the product photos and descriptions were clear and attractive so that customers knew exactly what they were buying.

The result is a warm and inviting website that perfectly fits Coeur Tisane’s brand. The website is not only a place to buy tisanes, but also a platform to tell the story of Coeur Tisane and inform customers about the benefits of their products.