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Branding van Venga door middel van uniek lettertype

Typographic logo for Venga Padel




Tools used

Adobe Illustrator



Geometrisch woordmerk logo op basis van originele typografie
Venga woordmerk logo met innovatieve letterindeling.
Typografisch logo van Venga in custom lettertype.
Sportief Venga woordmerk in stevig logo lettertype.

Bram and Axel are the owners of Venga, a multi-faceted organization engaged in various innovative projects. Their activities range from padel and a cozy bar to a unique game b&b boat and a future ghost-kitchen. Each company has its own character, but they all fall under the same brand.

The previous logo only fit their padel activities, so a rebranding was needed. The challenge was to find a logo that not only does justice to the diverse target groups of each concept, but also fits possible new concepts in the future, for example, an ice cream parlor for children.

The concepts, although varied, share some common characteristics: they are innovative, trendy and sporty.

It was important for us to design a logo that reflects these characteristics. So we chose to design our own wordmark: a logo that uses only typeface.

The letters were specially created. The trendy character is evident in the unique lettering, while the diagonal lines suggest movement and speed. The solid lines reflect the sporty feel, reminiscent of well-known sports brands.

The end result is a typographic logo that is modern, recognizable and versatile, appropriate for the various businesses. It reflects Venga’s innovative approach, the dynamism of their activities and sporting spirit. This wordmark is not only functional but also strengthens the visual identity, allowing the brand to clearly position itself in the market.”