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Rebranding project for City of Ghent: New logo design

City of Ghent


Logo design

Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud



DUO²-Ghent, formerly known as CLW Gent, is an educational institution focused on dual education. The name “DuO” stands for Dual Education, but also refers to the dual learning path they offer: “dual” and “learning and working.” The institution offers a unique form of education in which students learn two days and work three days.

When designing the logo for DUO²-Ghent, it was important to reflect the institution’s core values and unique educational approach. The name and concept of “dual learning” were central to the design process, where we sought a visual representation that highlighted both learning and working.

The final logo design for DUO²-Ghent is symbolic and meaningful. It shows two joined hands representing different concepts: being active, cooperation, and success. The hands symbolize both learning and working, which come together in harmony in dual education. This design highlights the intertwining of learning and working and the opportunities that dual education offers to young people.

The new logo for DUO²-Ghent is not only a visual representation of the name and educational concept, but also a reflection of the institution’s mission and vision. It emphasizes the active involvement of students and the synergy between learning and working. This logo will undoubtedly contribute to the recognition and positioning of DUO²-Ghent in the educational landscape.