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Branding project: logo ontwerp voor stad Vilvoorde: Vilvoordse ouderenraad

Branding project for City of Vilvoorde: Logo design

Vilvoorde city: Vilvoorde council for the elderly


Logo design

Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud



nieuw logo voor stad vilvoorde
nieuwe branding voor de ouderenraad

Vilvoorde, a city full of history and a vibrant community, was looking for ways to strengthen connection and communication within its community. The Vilvoorde Council of Elders, which serves as a bridge between the elderly and the city government, played a central role in this effort. At Nouchka, we had the opportunity to work with this council and visually enhance their message.

Our collaboration began with a thorough understanding of the values and goals of the Council of Elders. Working closely with their team, we aimed to create a design that reflected both their identity and their message. The goal was to create a design that was both modern and timeless and that effectively communicated the essence of their mission.

The central element of our collaboration was the logo design. Inspired by the mission of the Council of Elders, we created a logo that reflects the essence of their work. The design consists of blocks uniquely joined together, creatively depicting the building process in the word “SELF. This logo serves as a powerful visual symbol for the Council of Elders and their dedication to the elderly of Vilvoorde.

The end result is a powerful visual identity for the Vilvoord Council of Elders. The new logo, now an integral part of their brand identity, is used in all their communications, from their website to printed materials.