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Grafisch bureau ontwerpt nieuw logo voor een medische startup

Branding project for Intelliprove: Logo design



Logo design

Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud


Medical sector

Voorbeeld van symbolisme in logo ontwerp

Intelliprove, active in the MedTech industry, was looking for a way to renew and strengthen their brand identity. Their core business of measuring vital parameters using a smartphone camera makes them unique in their field. To reflect this innovative approach, an appropriate and modern logo was essential.

Rebranding Intelliprove began with a deep understanding of the company, their target audience, and the message they wanted to convey. Through strategic conversations, we gained insight into their vision and goals. These conversations informed the design process and allowed us to create a logo that truly resonated with Intelliprove’s values.

The center circle of the logo symbol is reminiscent of a camera.

The logo incorporates a medical cross. Medical services are often marked with a red cross. It is recognizable all over the world.

The cross consists of spheres, some of which are connected. The “connected dots” is a familiar symbol for technology. It is also commonly used in AI.

The final logo for Intelliprove is not only visually appealing, but also reflects the company’s core values and mission. In the competitive MedTech industry, this logo helps them stand out and make a lasting impression.