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All-in-one project for tDe stilte fluisteraar: Visual identity, illustrations, website, etc.

De stilte fluisteraar


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In 2021, Milou founded “De stilte fluisteraar,” an initiative that offers people the chance to experience peace, both individually and in groups. Always close to or in nature, De stilte fluisteraar offers a haven of silence, reflection and focus. The goal is to bring peace to thoughts, emotions and hectic daily life, away from the expectations of others and ourselves.

When Milou came to us with her vision for De stilte fluisteraar, she already had a clear idea of the type of logo she envisioned. Our team worked closely with Milou to translate this image into a logo that conveys not only the peace and serenity she wants to convey, but also her love of nature. The result is a graceful little bird that perfectly captures the essence of De stilte fluisteraar.

The website of De stilte fluisteraar is not only a platform to present her services, but also a webshop where Milou offers various products, such as (poetry) cards, flower arrangements, gifts and poetry collections. The design of the website needed to exude tranquility, with images and products taking center stage. This ensures that visitors experience a sense of calm as they browse through the services and products offered.

In addition to the logo, Milou also had specific illustrations designed that appear regularly on the website. Inspired by nature, we chose insect illustrations that fit nicely with the logo’s little bird. All drawings are designed in a vintage style, which fits perfectly with the atmosphere of De stilte fluisteraar. We also created a typewriter illustration especially for the (poetry) cards.

The end product is a beautiful, cohesive branding for De stilte fluisteraar. From the soothing logo to the vintage illustrations to the serene web shop, everything comes together to realize Milou’s vision for her initiative. At Nouchka, we are proud of what we have accomplished together with Milou, and we are confident that this branding will help her further spread her message of peace and reflection.