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Nausika is a talented artist who specializes in creating botanical stories in porcelain. She has developed into a full-time ceramicist with a unique focus on botanical work. Her motto, “Add beauty to add wonder,” reflects her passion and dedication to her craft. Her website invites visitors to explore her poetic world.

When designing the website for Nausika, it was essential to reflect her artistic vision and love of nature. The goal was to create an online space where visitors could immerse themselves in her botanical stories and appreciate the delicate beauty of her porcelain creations. Every element, from image selection to website layout, has been carefully considered to provide a harmonious and inspiring user experience.

Nausika’s blog is a window into her daily life, studio, garden and the seasons through which she is inspired. Here she shares stories and snapshots that provide deeper insight into her creative process and the natural beauty that drives her. From “Stories of the Forest” to “A Day in the Garden in June,” each blog post invites readers to join her journey and see the world through her eyes.

The end result is a beautiful website that showcases not only Nausika’s work, but also her passion and dedication to her craft. The site offers a balanced mix of her portfolio, workshops, events calendar and personal blog. It is a platform that not only informs visitors, but also inspires and invites them to re-appreciate the delicate beauty of nature and porcelain.