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Branding and web design project for Gerson

Gerson - Executive Partner


Brand identity design
Business cards

Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud



Gerson Executive Partner is a distinctive brand in the world of strategic partnerships. With a focus on C-level leadership, Gerson offers services that are both personal and high-end. The goal was to create a brand identity that reflected these core values and stood out from the competition.

Our collaboration with Gerson began with a thorough brand strategy. This process helped us gain clarity on Gerson’s mission, values and target market. Inspired by Gerson’s needs and desires, we designed an identity that exudes both luxury and personality. The color palette, a combination of navy blue and golden orange, reflects a sense of modernity and class.

The logo for Gerson Executive Partner was carefully designed to convey both strength and softness. With the signature at the core of the design, we built a luxurious, personal identity. The font chosen for the name “GERSON” is simple and modern, contributing to a timeless yet contemporary look.

Gerson needed a new website that adequately reflected his business and services. It presents its two core services: executive coaching and strategic partnering with leaders and employers. The use of branded photos gives visitors an authentic view of Gerson at work, which helps build a personal connection with the audience.

The completed branding and website for Gerson Executive Partner are a perfect reflection of the firm’s vision and values. The combination of a strong logo, a coherent corporate identity and a user-friendly website allows Gerson to effectively position itself in its market segment. At Nouchka, we are proud of what we have accomplished together with Gerson and believe this new identity will help him achieve his goals and reach his audience effectively.