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Webdesign project voor Duende Tours: E-commerce website ontwerp

Web design project for Duende Tours: Website & Webshop

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Homepage ontwerp van Duende Tours
Mockup portfolio item voor een travelwebsite
Website ontwerp voor een dolfijnen en walvissen tour

Duende Tours, founded by passionate traveler Catherine, is a unique excursion company that lets travelers experience the beauty and richness of Mexico. With a deep appreciation for Mexican culture and nature, Duende Tours offers unforgettable excursions that capture the essence of Mexico.

When Catherine knocked on our door, she came with a clear vision: a website that not only reflects the vibrancy of Mexico, but is also user-friendly. Our team embraced this vision and got to work. We focused on incorporating the vibrant colors and energy of Mexico, while also ensuring intuitive navigation and a seamless user experience.

An essential part of the website was the web shop, where travelers could easily discover and book Duende Tours’ various excursions. We designed a platform that is not only visually appealing, but also functional and user-friendly. With clear product descriptions, beautiful images and a simple booking process, the webshop ensures that travelers can confidently plan their next adventure in Mexico.

The completed website is a triumph of design and functionality. It serves as a digital window into the wonderful excursions Duende Tours has to offer, complete with engaging visuals and in-depth information. We are proud of our partnership with Catherine and Duende Tours and believe the new website will play a crucial role in their continued success.