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Webdesign project voor het natuurkabinet: Webshop en website ontwerp

Web design project for Het Natuurkabinet: Website & Webshop

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Het Natuurkabinet, an initiative of Ester of 2022, is not just any organization. It offers unique nature walks in and around Ghent, but goes beyond that. Ester, a passionate nature guide with a creative streak, was looking for a platform where she could both promote her walks and display and sell her artistic creations.

We were given the honor of bringing Ester’s vision to life. It all started with understanding the unique needs of Het Natuurkabinet. Together with Ester, we developed a design vision that would harmoniously present both the nature walks and her creative designs. The color palette, inspired by nature, and an intuitive navigation were just some of the elements we integrated to optimize the user experience.

Central to the website is the web shop, a place where Ester can display and sell her creative designs. This digital store is designed to allow visitors to effortlessly browse its collection, presenting each piece with clear details and images. It is not only a selling point, but also a showcase of Ester’s passion and talent.

The result is a beautiful, functional website that perfectly captures the essence of Het Natuurkabinet. It now serves as a digital platform on which Ester promotes her nature walks and sells her creations. At Nouchka, we are proud of what we have accomplished together with Ester and believe that this website will play a crucial role in the growth and success of Het Natuurkabinet.