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Print design project for Carrefour: Flyer & New Year's brochure




Tools used

Adobe Creative Cloud



Carrefour, a well-known name in the supermarket world, has several branches spread across Belgium. We are proud to announce that we have an ongoing partnership with some of these affiliates since 2021. Our first assignment was to design their New Year’s flyer and wine brochure.

When designing the leaflets, it was crucial to take into account Carrefour’s recognizable visual identity, while at the same time providing a unique touch that was specific to the branches we worked with. The goal was to effectively convey Carrefour’s brand values with a fresh perspective.

For the New Year’s brochure and wine leaflet, we integrated Carrefour’s familiar visual identity elements, but with specific adaptations that highlighted the unique characteristics of the respective branches. Clear graphics and clear typography ensured that the information was accessible and appealing to the reader.

The customized leaflets we designed for Carrefour branches are a nice balance between Carrefour’s overall brand identity and the specific needs of the branches we worked with. This collaboration resulted in effective and recognizable promotional materials that find resonance with their customers.